Chieftain Subjects

Requested silversmiths often surreptitiously, and gave in exchange for each two subjects of their own, choosing the most courageous for the effect, and preventing them in secret to the remarkable opportunity that would make their season. .. Guatavita stood the large number of people with a reward of theirs, and on increasing taxes weapons and […]

Caxias City

The present article has as focus the city of Caxias, situated in the maranhense east, being our secular clipping the five first years of the decade of 70 of century XX. The intention is to observe and to register the atrelados spaces of sociabilities to the pleasure in the provincial Caxias, being had our attention […]

Bank Payments

Some of these payments is mandatory for any mortgage transaction is Depending on which bank takes the credit (for a discussion of the application, the organization and delivery of credit, opening and maintaining accounts, withdrawals to availability). Another part arises in any transaction of sale, even if the mortgage credit is not used (real estate […]

Time Management

There are many excuses, complaints, say the management leaders, managers who do not have enough time to perform their duties to enable them to carry out their plans and achieve its objectives, all causes them stress, tension and is often projected on a organizational behavior has given way to a negative organizational climate. Neighbor Joseph […]

The Atheist Bus

Following the launch of the campaign “Atheist Bus” in Barcelona, the daily La Nacion, the most prestigious and largest circulation in Costa Rica, on January 13, 2009 reported on the fact under the headline: “Spanish Atheists attack God from bus” So what they feel, and feel real. Anecdotally, last week was big news in a […]

Benefits of An Apartment

Many people, when it comes to buying a home, having analyzed the market, come to the conclusion that it is better to buy an apartment in a newly built house. s. For this solution there are several compelling reasons: apartments in buildings under construction cheaper. Moreover, the earlier the extent of construction, the cheaper the […]

Narcissistic Leadership Management

Some people have been interested in the relationship of narcissism with the leadership, and believe that some leaders have been prisoners, driven by what holds narcissism and many because they were unable to control it, made mistakes that affected his leadership, leading to failure. What is your opinion about ?…… narcissistic leaders are beneficial in […]

National Public Administration

In this case the educational process will be conducted by appropriate personnel and should take particular criteria of curriculum, school organization, infrastructure and teaching materials. Claiming full accessibility to the physical environment to enable the use of walkability and safety in public and open spaces and parks, public bathrooms private buildings, buildings of public use […]