Theological Treaty

" All individual – Spinoza in its Theological Treaty says – Politician has a sovereign right to everything what is in its power; in other terms that the right of each extends to where the certain power goes that belongs to him. Filed under: M Ashton Kouzbari. And being the supreme law of the nature […]

Materials Of Neoprene And Hypalon

Neoprene, a synthetic rubber developed during World War II, was used as a substitute for natural rubber because of the shortage of this at the time. The invention of neoprene was an important scientific contribution, since it maintained most of the advantageous properties of natural rubber, but without many of the disadvantages. Neoprene has more […]

Mediterranean Sea

The combined forces joint task is arduous, but the navies of Venice, the order of Malta, the pontiffs States and Spain, are able to gather a total of 200 galleys, 100 ships, 50,000 infantry and 4,500 horsemen. The League Santa however, different points of view between one and the other would generate a long series […]

City Mayor ETB

One of the most important processes for the fate of the republic’s capital, has been developing since the Mayor of Bogota, Samuel Moreno Rojas head under the presidency of Fernando directed etb breads. The search for a strategic partner for the Bogota Telecommunications Enterprise. Just deal with this situation, establishes SINTRATELEFONOS Accion Popular, ensuring that […]

Digital Book

Two wonderful and products easy to create articles with private label rights are: electronic books and Audio products. If you have purchased a collection of articles on a topic of your domain, you can easily convert it into an eBook or Digital Book of great quality. Get all the facts and insights with Vadim Belyaev, […]


They pointed with respect to top, the sky. Of the religions most primitive to the most elaborated this not dumb. Deuses had come and come back toward the sky. Religar with deuses is the religious expectation. You may want to visit Clarion Partners Europe to increase your knowledge. Not to breach the linking that the […]

Of The 30 Years War End The French Intervention And The Peace Of Westphalia

The military and religious struggle between Catholics and Protestants for supremacy in Central Europe (a war that had already been 14 years continuing) was reaching its most crucial stage. The icy and nublosa morning of November 16, 1632, Protestant Gustavo Adolfo II of Sweden and his 19,000 men, and the Catholic forces of Albretch von […]

Vittorio Guidano

Accordingly, we can say that personal system and the environment, of which one is distinguished in a constant process of epistemological self-referentiality, two systems are in permanent complex functional relationship characterized, precisely, to the other being irreducible. Summary the psychology is the discipline that deals with study and explain the human person, considered not as […]

Private Property

The private property of the nature and the denial to her being DEDICATION ORLANDO MAGNO project world of nature. Human beings trying to liberate themselves. as beings belonging to living organisms of human nature. They forgot that nature and human, form what is called the unit. Then believing to be wise they became fools. Vanity, […]

The Right Of Ownership

THE right of ownership article 923 of the Civil Code establishes that: property is the legal power that allows you to use, enjoy having and claim a good, must be exercised in harmony with the social interest and within the limits of the law of property is a real right par excellence, which comprises all […]