Debt Collection

Doing business – it is always a risk, and more than expected income, the greater the risk. Clayton Morris is full of insight into the issues. Legal persons who have their services without payment, are often faced with the problem of debt collection. Partner may become debtors because of certain circumstances (crisis, emergencies). Often, small […]

Germany Energy

Cooperation on energy performance certificates for non-residential buildings / off July 1 start card for commercial real estate with Immopro24 we could win one of the largest portal operators specializing in commercial real estate in Europe as a partner. The portal is to sensitize the ideal platform to owner and multipliers of commercial real estate […]

Arthur Trankle Deposit

The latest recommendation Forum: Security deposit repository creates profitable tenant reserves with up to 4 percent interest! Oh, always this lease. What is a manure deposit! Full three month rental! It have to be? Yes, it must be love tenants. And Yes, this coercion rankles willing to pretty much every feeder; shrink its reserves but […]

Amazing Results For Many Years Tenants As A Decision-making Aid

Monarchis rental calculator on the Internet: now easily determine the rent for several years Neu-Ulm the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH offers a new, free service under the navigation item of business headquartered in Neu-Ulm on their homepage now: A rental computer with anyone easily can calculate the rent expense, resulting for a place […]

Rental Income

An extra income is more important than the real estate prices are currently rather most sink and this leads to a sale at a loss. To make not the houses standing empty, these should be rented. More info: American Tower Corporation. The apartment is not completely paid off, you can wear off further the apartment […]

The Western

What is your stance? The Western bypass is not for nothing controversial. It means advantages but also disadvantages. You should evaluate not only the own benefit or the harmfulness in the own town, but local cross-evaluate the pros and cons. The fact is the following: sense and purpose of the planned Western bypass on the […]

Commercial Real Estate

What is the modern concept of 'commercial property'? This definition corresponds to all real estate for commercial purposes. Most popular now kinds of commercial property: it Office commercial real estate, shopping area and a place in the warehouses. Naturally, each type of property has its own specificity, its pace of development of the supply / […]

Windows Are The Eyes Of The House

If you want to install new windows, many factors play a role in determining which windows are the right ones. There are many types of windows. So-called wooden windows, Passive House windows, aluminum windows and PVC windows, plastic windows which are colloquially called. Wood is the oldest material in the window, which is still used […]