Recommendations for use of respiratory protection at risk of influenza on June 11 WHO “Alert phase 6” has proclaimed and thus declared the swine flu (Mexican flu) pandemic. Influenza viruses are transmitted primarily by droplet infection (sneezing or coughing). Respirators can not guarantee 100% protection from infection, but help the risk of infection, reduce as […]

Exploit To The Maximum The Time

Do sing things do you think you can do in one minute? If it were the last minute of your life, surely you would more activities than you think. Unfortunately wasted many minutes and hours during the day, without knowing where they go and it actually occurred. The problem is not what is done, because […]

Languages In Danger !

Today we perceive language as a matter of course. All we own one, and some two or three languages. All we are studying popular foreign languages, trying to get them perfect. Millions of people around us as those languages are spoken. But imagine what would happen if only you the same language you would speak […]

Body Shape

New Geratline of body shape, brings fat cells to the melt. Here, Gunnar Peterson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of adverum on most websites. Who would not for getting rid of them? Fatty deposits on the abdomen, hips, legs or PO that disappear through sports or diets. […]