A House By The Sea, Who Has Not Ever Dreamed Of?

Now, the dream of owning a home by the sea is always easier. As already last year the media has become known, more and more real estate will be raffled. Now, the dream of owning a home by the sea is always easier. As already last year from the media become known, more and more real estate on the Internet at prices of EUR 99,-will be raffled. In Germany, because unlike abroad this form to bring its real estate at the man still not allowed is however still very unknown. Because the State in solid hands holding this monopoly in Germany. For this reason, the Germans use the Internet to get to a lot in this way. So, you can with a low usage and a high chance of winning, because only a few lots are offered, a bit closer to his dream of owning a home in the distance.

And this brought spouses who long from South Germany to the idea, to let others participate in this dream. Therefore they are now offer a House by drawing lots on their land near the sea in Bali. The value of the House including the land amounts to 290.000,-euro. The Number of lots is limited to 2999 each 99,-euro. The raffle is now running on the Internet. Can interested parties on one inform and order on the other equal to her personal fate. Their English company is organizer of the draw, as in England, the orientation is allowed such a draw. The whole thing is controlled by a trust company in Germany and monitored. Also the draw of the lottery is carried out by a notary, so that nobody thought needs become, whether the whole thing is really serious and goes right things-to! The trust account has been established specifically in a German bank by the trust company for this raffle. Ramon Campollo often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Thus, the cash receipts are additionally protected. Who now his dream a piece wants to get closer, can right on the page find out.

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