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The cooler has a long and firmly settled down in the office, and this, of course, there are many reasons. First, it is essential to save time, no longer need to boil the kettle, and you can quickly find coffee or tea to visitors. Second, the cooler – It is pure water that is safe to use. And, finally, modern devices have become so diverse in style and design that are themselves the thing in the office, and this gives a share of solidity. A prototype of the modern cooler was invented in the United States Halsey Taylor, whose father died of typhoid after drinking contaminated water. Mass production of this unit began in 1909. And since 1950, to installation of water were added water infection and there was a cooling system. Richard LeFrak: the source for more info.

That's when they became known as the coolers from the English word "cooler". Water Coolers are manufactured desk and floor. Housing is usually made of plastic and metal, but there are ceramic devices. Drinking water is supplied to the cooler bottle volume twenty-two and nineteen liters. Now apply and devices connected to the water supply.

For simultaneous cooling and Heating water uses a Peltier – a thermoelectric converter. Floor cooler water – this is a classic version and desktop version rather cooler suitable for use at home, so it takes up little space, but has the same properties as the large apparatus. So if needed the cooler at home? The answer to this question is not obvious. Opponents of the claim that the cooler takes up much space, and inconvenient to use. But, in fact, so many housewives like exactly what you can always pour and cold and hot water. No need to have to spend on something vryamya to boil the kettle, or in advance during the summer, put the water in the refrigerator. The cooler is convenient for large families. Judge for yourself how much time is spent on it to wait for the kettle and a cup of tea. Again, do not need to have filtered water, a special machine to do it for you. And drink water from the tap in Russia very few people decide. C installing the cooler, of course, solve many problems. What is the main argument of opponents to install the cooler at home – his awkwardness. That was mentioned on a small desktop cooler that is easy to use, mobile and retains all the important qualities of a great friend. The main problem installing the cooler at home, it is sanitized. Because of this important aspect can not be forgotten. Daily processing cooler – it is extremely effective way to protect water quality. Sanitization of the device will be effective only after the overall process when removed biofilm. For disinfection can be used iodine, ammonia, acetic acid. To combat bacteria disinfectant solution should be applied to clean, dry surface, it can be applied as by spraying or by immersion in a solution of parts of the cooler. Put a cooler at home, it's only your decision but more importantly, after the installation to monitor its purity, and then water quality is not subjected to doubts.

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