Banks Want Confidence

VoB service Congress advises ways out of the financial market crisis measures searched for the participants of the 15 service Congress of VoB-service GmbH on 15 and 16 June in Berlin. They discussed developments in the fields of banking supervision and risk management, accounting and accounting, regulatory reporting, real estate valuation and IT security and innovation. The Congress is one of the regular events, organised the VoB-service GmbH for their members and customers. Among them are regional banks, federal – and State-own development banks and Sparkassen, Volks – and Raiffeisen banks. In a series of lectures on four topics, the participants of the well-attended Congress received suggestions for confidence-building measures. There security measures for computer systems by banks in the Centre of the units were in the pannel IT security and innovation. It became obvious that exposed the IT networks of banks of a variety of threats are alike from the outside but from the inside, out of the circle of legitimate Users can come. The dangers associated with the use of mobile media and public W-LAN networks within the framework were also shown a live demonstration.

Dr. Volker Scheidemann, head of marketing and product management in the applied security GmbH (apsec) in Stockstadt am Main presented the seven golden rules of data leakage prevention in his presentation. He advised mainly to recognize the threat and to take appropriate measures for its defence. A concrete solution from the practice introduced Joachim Seeger of the Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg (LBBW). He gave an insight into the decision-making process of the company, which was preceded by the selection of a new security solution. So, LBBW had thoroughly explored the market and checks different technologies from the soft – and hardware sectors on the basis of a catalogue of requirements. Here, the experts of LBBW took into account the different requirements of the different work areas within the Bank.

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