Benefits of An Apartment

Many people, when it comes to buying a home, having analyzed the market, come to the conclusion that it is better to buy an apartment in a newly built house. s. For this solution there are several compelling reasons: apartments in buildings under construction cheaper. Moreover, the earlier the extent of construction, the cheaper the rent, ie price at the pit are much lower than the price when built more than half of the house; you get a brand new apartment, which no one ever not living and the modern housing under construction, are usually more comfortable, ie, Planning is better than the old housing stock left over from Soviet times; infrastructure of the area more modern, comfortable and versatile, more or less predictable neighbor, because at current prices for housing, apartment, can afford to buy only a man of middle and higher classes, which means that you will most likely be spared from the neighbors Liquor, falling in the evenings with furniture, drunken fights and other attributes of the worst "proletarian" heritage. But is it all simply and cheerfully? Firstly, if you take the apartment at the stage of digging the pit, then wait for the completion of construction you will have 1-1,5 year, and this time it is necessary to live somewhere. Second, build a house that's half of the case, it is necessary that it took gos., but it is also not a very quick process. Then setting the house on the balance of the operating organization and connection to utility services.

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