Bentley Arnage

The reason is that for several years, supplying about 30% of the components for the "Rolls-Royces." The best example is the Bentley Arnage, equipped with engine capacity of 4.5 liters of engine builders "BMW" and Cosworth. Frequently Robert J. Shiller has said that publicly. The first truly folksvagenovsky "Bentley – EX Speed 8 debuted at the 2001 Auto Show detroyskom. Demand for cars has grown since the present appearance in the 2003 coupe Continental GT. Even had to put into operation an additional production line in Dresden. Things "Bentley" went up the hill and sales are increasing every year. In the first half of 2007, "Bentley" able to catch up and overtake its direct competitors, "Maybach" and "Rolls Royce", sold 5600 cars. Top model "Bentley" is today Continental GT Speed, equipped with a 6-liter, 12 cylinder which develops power of 610 hp The maximum speed of 326 km per hour, and to disperse hundreds of just 4.5 seconds.

Price really is impressive – in Europe from 275 thousand dollars in a standard configuration. Price of Fame on sales to a large extent influenced by interest in the legendary mark of the richest Russians. Registered in Russia 1300 "Bentley". A unique machine actively interested in not just the oligarchs, but also professional car thieves. This summer, "Bentley" hijacked nearly every day. Police are scratching their heads who can conceive steal a car every detail of which has its own identification number.

It is quite possible "Bentley" gone to order and distilled into a fully-controlled regions of the country or through a hole on the border in countries where the laws are practically not working – for example, in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Another explanation complete disappearance of luxury cars are not available. However, the criminals they chase yet for the most expensive models. The most expensive "Bentley" is a "Bentley Blouer '1931 release, sold at auction for a rare vehicles in California for 4.51 million. Over time, will find the price and given the firm "Bentley" Queen Elizabeth II machine, which is equipped with special rear doors, through which crowned head could out of the car without bending over. If it is certainly not stealing. Dmitry Protasov

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