Bulgarian Real Estate

Over the past 5 years, prices for Bulgarian real estate have grown substantially. Especially what happened in 2005-2007. This is due to the accession of Bulgaria to the eu. This period is characterized not only by increased construction sites real estate, but also changes in price levels in the secondary housing market. First of all, this is due to the growth proposals for the secondary housing market over the past 20 years because of emigration of young people from Bulgaria to other countries with more high standard of living and lower unemployment. This is especially noticeable in rural areas, where there was a set of non-residential buildings. So how much is a house in Bulgaria in the countryside? Even 10 years ago, the cost of such houses averaged 2,000 euros. But with the increasing interest of buyers from countries such as Britain, Russia, in order to purchase a second home for recreation in a clean place in Europe, prices have increased significantly.

Over the past 10 years prices for rural houses in Bulgaria rose by more than 10 times. It would seem that meet the demand for such houses would have to lead to a decline in prices in this housing market, but the decrease in the number of such objects only qualitatively change this market. Houses that were bought and renovated, remained in the same price range and often expensive. But those homes that are "not found" their new owners, began to lose value because of their natural destruction. From year to year such houses in Bulgaria is becoming less and less, and prices are lower. These objects are simply "turn" in obschinskie land with unclear prospects. Rural houses in Bulgaria, which have not been repaired for the past 20 years, has already requires investments 10,000 -20,000 euro bought and unwillingly, and therefore the price of these "houses" are in the range 5 000 – 10 000 euros. Sometimes there are deals and below 3,000 euros.

This does not mean that these objects have zero commercial appeal. It all depends on the purpose of purchase and location of the object. New projects on the ground virtually uninhabited houses, it is sometimes justifiable sense. This became especially noticeable with higher prices for land building plots, and considering that the timing of planned facilities in Bulgaria are considerably smaller than, for example, in Russia.

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