Cable And Wire Is Very Important …

In the specialty store electrical you, of course, the most well-advised to cable products, but for this you need to know something about the conductors of electricity. First, you need to know total capacity of all electrical appliances (in kilowatts) that will feed cable. Knowing the power, you can easily calculate the current strength of the formula I = P / U (where I – current strength, P – power, U – voltage 220 or 380 volts), and on this basis, using a special table to determine the cross-section conductor.

Often use a simplified method: for fixtures pave cable with copper conductors of 1,5 square millimeter, with aluminum Residential – 2.5 square millimeters, and the sockets made of copper cable section 2,5 or aluminum with section 4 square millimeters. Secondly, the cable must be made in accordance with the gost, the appropriate certificate ensure your safety. Additional condition that security will be present in the labeling index of the cable “ng”, for example VVGng, this means that the material from which made the shell, and flame retardant. More cheap analogs cable and wire, not carried out according to gost, may apply for temporary wiring. And finally, remember that any electrical work must carry a qualified electrician..

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