Chinese Medical Plasters

Terminological dictionary approved by the Ministry of Health of the USSR July 2, 1980 (Order 692), gives a definition of the patch: 'patch dosage form in a plastic mass that is capable to soften at body temperature and adhere to the skin or in the form of the same mass on a flat carrier, designed for outdoor use. " Chinese medicinal plasters are based on the secrets of Tibetan medicine. The oldest known recipes Physicians East, and numerous experiments and research scientists from different disciplines (physicians, pharmacists, physicists, engineers, geologists and others kamnevedov) served as the basis for health care patches, which became a revolutionary discovery in modern Chinese medicine. Dr. Kai Qi Wei (China) has created the latest biotechnology cleaning the body through the feet (patch treasure trees). Today the world the medical community recognizes the therapeutic and preventive patches that are based on ancient recipes professionals and technicians under the supervision of the National Research Institute of China medicine and pharmacology, the most effective Chinese medicines. Chinese medicinal plasters include self-regulation mechanisms of the body, have immunogarmoniziruyuschee action, have anti-inflammatory, anti, anti-virus and anti-bacterial, oboezbolivayuschy and absorbing effects.

The use of medicinal patches leads to the restoration of the whole organism. Effect of Chinese medicinal plasters based for that: First human skin breathes and absorbs different components of the environment, Second of the human body (the skin) are biologically active points (BAP) working on that you can change the work order body that is associated with a given point; Skin wonderful way to deliver drugs especially when you want to create their high concentration in a specific area, such as joint pain, pain syndrome, after trauma or inflammation. Due to the property of the skin to breathe and absorb the components, therapeutic substance from the patch quickly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and liver. This eliminates breakdown of active substances and their adverse effects on the stomach and intestines. Therapeutic effect is much faster than after administration of oral medications. Therapeutic patch is convenient, safe and easy to use.

High effectiveness of medical adhesives is achieved through five types of recreational activities: the treatment of the components of herbs (herbal medicine), treatment with aromatic oils (aromatherapy) Since the patch there is a protective layer – tissue, essential oils do not evaporate and longer affect the body. treatment with resins of trees (singing therapy); harmonizing – energy impact, in patches of natural healing ingredients laid Program (Matrix) of Health, which through the energy channels of biologically active points goes to the corresponding authorities. News impact (on the principle of homeopathy). Made from Chinese medicinal plasters healthful natural products. Get a therapeutic effect may be sticking plaster on the BAP (acupressure points), directly on the area of pain along the spinal column (paravertebral) on reflex zones (zones Zakharyin-Ged), or Su-Jok method. Medicinal plaster is a means of emergency in all kinds of pain including headache. Simultaneously, medical plaster is a means of recovery, while the effect is more pronounced than previously used medical adhesive. Start of production of adhesives – 1952god in China in a small factory. The company currently produces a huge enterprise Tianhe up to 400 million patches per year. The company has excellent control system, conducts research, develops new products constantly.

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