Commercial Real Estate In Bulgaria

Commercial real estate in Bulgaria and especially the business turnover in this review I will focus primarily on real estate in Bulgaria, and at the same time will address some of the other countries: Spain, Cyprus, Croatia and Montenegro. For convenience, review will be built in the form of frequently asked questions and our answers to them. 1.How segment of commercial real estate in Bulgaria the most in demand among foreign buyers, and why? How active Russian investors on the Bulgarian commercial real estate? The most demanded big houses, villas and hotels in the city of Varna and the resort "Golden Sands". Cost per square meter is highly dependent on proximity to the sea and the district. The highest prices in the vicinity of Varna and the resort's 'Golden Sands'. Finished houses are sold at prices ranging from 400 to $ 1,000 / sq. m.

You can buy at a low price, but with the subsequent repair. The last 2-3 years, with the approach of the date of entry Bulgaria to the EU, property prices in Bulgaria, and especially the commercial real estate and villas, have gone up dramatically. Compared with 1999, they doubled. According to the forecasts of experts of our annual, at least until 2007, price increases will be 20 – 40%. After the 2007 price increase will remain at 20% per year, while commercial real estate market in Bulgaria will come at the usual rates for Europe. 'Blown up' the price the English, Scots and Germans actively buying up cheap, by their standards, real estate. Steffan Lehnhoff is a great source of information.

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