Coping With The Crisis And Changes

Crises happen for something good, difficult times have a sacred message, the problem that today you this haunt, is there for some noble reason, that is my belief, that is my faith and sustenance in the word everything happens for the good of those who love the Lord.They are not partial or relative to say if one thing or another happens to us for good, just in absolute terms tell us that everything happens for our good. If this is so, faced with a crisis, problem trouble, economic, moral, emotional, spiritual or physical need to ask ourselves: which should I learn from this situation? which is the message that has this happened to my life and how do I use it for my personal evolution and that of others? that steps have to give now to change and improve my quality of life?If I have the firm belief that nothing is by chance but causality which is good that I see this situation, and how I can get the most for my and mine? do as I face the fear that it produces this new situation in my? life? that measures smart, sensible, I can take to deal with this crisis? as I do reflect to others and communicate my ideas, my experiences, my feelings and that this may contribute to growth for all involved?If crises and changes form part of this life, especially in this era, since they raised dramatically, do that skills and tools should I develop to cope with them and exit victorious from those encounters with fate? as I can motivate others, to my loved ones, co-workers, friends to create a series of measures that favour the overcoming of a particular crisis and turn it into collective with the purpose of improving the condition of the community? do as I can continue advancing in a hostile environment, a sick society, where verbal language is violent, high insecurity and moral and family values in absolute decline?It is very important that before the problems and crises we make intelligent use of our mind, we develop competencies emotional, linguistic and other measures, we do the precise questions that help us to find answers, that invite us to think based on alternatives and possibilities. Richard LeFrak is a great source of information. . . Tishman Speyer takes a slightly different approach.

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