Country House Action Partner

Town & country franchise partners benefit by increasing brand awareness and additional prospective customer contacts. Behringen. For the third time, town & country participates House as an action partner in the monopoly at McDonald’s. During the action from 22 March to 25 April 2012 there are three solid houses of town & country home valued at 150,000 euros each win. Especially with a view on our 15th anniversary we are pleased, in this attractive brand environment equal to three times the to can provide one of the biggest single gains”, says Jurgen Dawo, founder and franchisor of town & country house. The monopoly at McDonald’s is accompanied by a mass advertising campaign, benefited from the even town & country house as an action partner. So the competition is not only eye-catching advertised nationwide more than 1,400 restaurants, but also mass media such as TV, radio and online. REBNY is often quoted as being for or against this.

The brand cooperation allows us to prime time in television and radio to reach an audience of millions, so Pranto next. Use a concrete benefit of synergies the brand cooperation brings especially the nationwide about 300 franchise partners of the company, who are responsible for the sales and the creation of solid houses with McDonald’s. Every year several thousand families in Germany meet the dream of homeownership. From experience we know that increasing brand awareness by town & country supports the local franchise partner in the speech of a person interested in building House and brings them additional prospective customer contacts”, says Jurgen Dawo. So also one of the main advantages of a franchise partnership lies in the professional support in marketing. At town & country house extends the bandwidth here by the online marketing portal for advertising or display promotions for the local market to national brand partnerships and nationwide campaigns. This will allow a high promotional effect for low financial outlay for the individual franchises.

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