Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Haiti. The Dominican Republic is washed from the North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the south. The local population is more than 8 million people, with five million people live in the capital Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo (Holy Saturday). Dominicans are a mixture of African slaves (in the past) and Spanish kollonizatorov, mostly. (Similarly see: Richard LeFrak). There are quite Dominicans are black, and there are some that look almost different from the Europeans. The latter, mostly have their own business, or good positions and higher education and it's not just racial prejudice are children of other parents, who in turn gave the children the education, inheritance and a corresponding education. However as in all countries, if your ancestor 'motokoncho' (motorcycle taxi – the poorest segment of the population in the Dominican Republic), then count the heir does not matter what. But in general people are very friendly, friendly, helpful and very cheerful in spite of everything.

Local fiery rhythms (merenge. bachata) sound everywhere. And they should not drink alcohol to have fun and dance (unlike the Russian, most of them), their 'Rushing out of life. " These people are very faithful in largely katalitsizm-90%, Baptists, ivangelisty but menshestvo. Official language – Spanish.

But in resort areas used English, German and Italian. Time The time difference with Moscow: subtract 8 hours during the summer, minus 7 hours – in the winter. Currency The Dominican peso (RD $). 1 dollar is 36 pesos.

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