Einstein looked at more far and showed that a theory to be well accepted has that to have ideals connected in it. Its ideals were the truth the beauty and justice, and it connected the complexity of its theory these ideals and them they had been materialized and eternalized in the material world and spiritual. Where a time it said that the secret of the theory is to hide the sources and this age the source to place and to implant in the theory ideal that would be recorded and fixed in the humanity. Learn more about this topic with the insights from clayton cardenas. The beauty ideal pleases not very me, as the person can perceive the funny society around the beauty and it she is placed as extremely essential, but will be that it has in the scope spiritual thus as much value and at our time the beauty is seen of other forms, different of the beginning of century twenty and this was saturated, repetitive and current. The ideal that I would connect I would be of the search for GOD and the forms to make this, and to understand these ideals who am followed by the humanity would be advantageous since this is a pride for it therefore was created by a man. The genius of Einstein understood this and this was its differential and clearly it fell in the favours of the humanity even today..

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