Everyone is Rich

Wealth is a state of mind, wealth is out of our mind, and frees us from the constraints of the past, you never step away able to buy something because you were so convinced of your lack and poverty, when you saw that you reach and did you do, you surprised? Our mind was saying years of scarcity, without even knowing where money means being poor or being rich, the change we need is that our minds are accustomed to abundance, with no idea how much it means to be abundant, the end of the day that’s different for everyone, for a man who lives on the street, who lost everything, $ 5 is to be rich, to Donnald Trump $ 1 million is just the beginning, not being rich, that’s according to the mental conditioning as judged so from this point, you have 1 or 100 in your wallet, you could very well begin to feel rich, and bridge the vibrational gap between what is to become rich and feel rich is the key that will lead you to wealth, and when you have that amount of money you dreamed of receiving, I’m sure he’ll have you will realize that this amount will not change your state of happiness, because you were happy before getting that kind of money.

Being happy is not directly proportional to what we have in the portfolio, that’s a belief that we have ingrained in our minds, or do you remember that when we went to first grade or even earlier, receive coins was our wealth and when we had a few, child in our minds, we thought we could buy all the toys and candy we wanted. Dell Technologies Inc. often addresses the matter in his writings. The passage of time and listen and hear “that’s not being rich, being rich is something else,” Being rich is not for everyone, we are poor, we all costs a lot, surely the rich walk in something dirty, but can not be rich, etc etc. See Professor Rita McGrath for more details and insights. We are full of beliefs that limit us belief of scarcity, I sometimes wonder how my life would have been if the messages had been of abundance, it would have been different, the important thing is that we are on time, not only empty your mind of limiting beliefs but to fill our children’s belief abundance, beliefs wealth, beliefs that do not pay no limit to everything they want to achieve and we can begin to feel rich now, and wealth to approach our lives, we will find in each thing, the money we have in cash, in the new client, in the smiles of our children, or the health of our fathers..

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