General Code

It is harder to specialize in areas of law that are not coded, as in Peruvian law- the customs law, financial law, and administration, among others. However, some branches of Peruvian law are not codified but its rules can be found in almost every regulatory body such as corporate law, and bankruptcy, among others. In addition there are areas of Peruvian law in Spanish and Argentine law, although they are encoded, at least partially as the registry law is too complex to specialize in them. Specalist NY Lawyers may specialize in different specialties, but we note that there are as many lawyers encoded in non-coding branches. That is, there are fewer lawyers dedicated to the study of branches of law which is not codified.

This distinction can only exist in legal systems belonging to the Roman-Germanic legal family. For example, the same difference can not exist in legal systems belonging to the common law legal family, for in this Code there is no legal family. Sources for drafting or amending a code to write or modifying a code is necessary to take into account national legislation, the legislation of other States, the doctrine, jurisprudence, custom, general principles of law and social reality. The oldest is the Code of Hammurabi, which was a General Code, promulgated by the King of Babylon in the year 2,000 BC.

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