Hamburger Tredition

Poisoning, whispered my song: my son is a fog of Hamburg/Lurschau. The Lurschauer author Jens Petersen has published three books: in his successful language Panscher “-trilogy, appeared at the Hamburger Tredition-Verlag, he satirically attacked the increasing linguistic shortcomings in the media.” “Now, Petersen enters literary Neuland: also released his new book titled tapeworm poisoning at Tredition, whispered my song: my son is a fog.” Highly funny nonsense poetry paired here with great classics of German poetry. Jens Petersen has Morike, Goethe, Rilke, von Fallersleben and many others through the electronic defect. The Google language tools as digital assistants “used to produce completely new lyrics. Suddenly, even the most romantic classics achieve a hilarious effect, when they get back through Finnish and Japanese again in the German idiom. Often, total nonsense, sometimes but also amazingly haunting, arises in this way seriously to growing verses. “Poisoning, whispered my song: my son is a fog.” (ISBN 978-3-86850-653-2) is now in bookstores and online shops available (14.99) Moreover, as an ebook.

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