Holidays In The Dolomites: Events And Exhibitions Throughout The Year

Many events take place in the Dolomites. Many people each year decide to spend a holiday in the Dolomites, not only for the beauty of these mountains, which attract tourists from all over the world in every season, but also for the rich calendar of events, making a stay in these places even more interesting and entertaining. Regardless of whether you love the snow or whether you prefer walks and picnic in the summer and spring make, or if you love the beautiful autumn colors of the mountain: what is your favorite season for a break in the Dolomites, which account for the most beautiful mountains in the world, no matter: numerous villages, covering the Dolomites, offer many different events. In the summer, because of the good weather and the resulting ability to spend more time outdoors, the calendar of events is perhaps a little richer, but not the tourists who holiday in the Dolomites, with empty hands stay in every season. The event calendar is always very varied, and it consists of sporting, cultural, folklore and culinary events. It is thanks to this diversity that the Dolomites are always very much appreciated. In terms of sporting events, the area of the Val di Fassa offers many interesting events such as the marathon dles Dolomites”, every year thousands of runners (more than 8,000 in 2010) from many different countries attended, and the Marcialonga cycling”, which is held for 4 years. Many cultural events take place in these mountains, how I suoni delle Dolomiti”(the sounds of the Dolomites), a Festival of author, classical and ethnic music, which certainly is even more intriguing because of the incomparable frame where it takes place, and the combination of natural music that marks the event.

Regards art, takes Gherdeina every two years in Ortisei, an important event for contemporary art, particularly sculpture, during which one works with different materials by be built several well-known Italian and international artists, can admire. On the folk events, Christmas markets, which take place in many towns and villages, are a must. The most famous, the markets of Trento, Cortina, Brixen, Levico include Terme and Arco. The Carnival, not just Christmas, is a very important celebration: in Val di Fassa you can participate every year celebrations of the Ladin Carnival, an ancient and still very popular event, in the colorful. The Dolomites are famous also for the courts, which can be enjoyed in the beautiful mountains, and many are also the gastronomic events in which you can participate if you spend your holidays in the Dolomites.

The most famous culinary festivals, such as the Kuchlkirchtig in Brixen, the numerous thematic events, such as the weeks of chestnuts in the Eisack Valley or the Festival of the specks in Val di Funes, the choice is really wide. Culture, folklore, sports and good food as well as breathtaking Landscapes: the Dolomites are all that, and maybe even more! Choose a village in the Dolomites, if they want to spend a wonderful holiday in the mountains.

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