HSV: Last Straw Bundesliga

(Online article) – the title Lottery Three competitions, three opportunities happiness and also the courage left Hamburger SV. Hamburg – what gulden was blinking 14 days ago about the Nordbank Arena, turned out to be the closer look as Fata Morgana: no Cup, a UEFA Cup – and no one wants to believe in the Championship trophy. That all Northern rival Werder burst left Bremen two of three sweet dreams, makes the greater the hangover on the Elbe River. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with adverum. As if it were not enough, the humiliation of HSV in the Bundesliga when Werder must compete. The nightmare scenario on the Elbe: The Bremen shoot the neighbors even from the UEFA Cup ranks… HSV may not hope for generosity. “This is a Northern Derby!”, replied after Claudio Pizarro 3:2-cup victory with strict views, after half was been advised him and his colleagues for the fourth clash with Hamburg within 19 days.

Werder Manager Klaus Allofs is not so sure: with us it is difficult, most. Sunday again total to be motivated.” That’s also the problem of the HSV. It is frustrating. Of course, we have had big dreams. Now the dream has gone bust whined midfielder Piotr Trochowski, who four days earlier already had blown off the battle for the Championship after the meager home draw against Hertha BSC (1:1).

So much sadness was also the langmahnigen Frings. For the hamburgers I’m sorry, that they have lost everything in two weeks, said the player. His Hamburg selection mate Trochowski knows only one goal: “we have the opportunity to come on a Champions League spot. Run out of steam in the season final spurt HSV seems to assume. The longest serving Bundesliga has hardly any alternatives to the actors geschlauchten in 49 games. While ever can afford Werder in the must for them worthless Federal League final the creative forces of Diego, to preserve Mesut ozil and Pizarro, HSV coach Martin Jol permanently bring its performers. In the winter-committed Additional players not allowed to play in the UEFA Cup or are no amplification. And now even the two-time scorer Ivica Olic threatened with knee injury for the game to fail. Now you breathed in the HSV, however: the suspected cruciate ligament not confirmed the attackers suffered only a bruise. A handful disaster was the HSV Chairman Bernd Hoffmann after the second cup. The Club boss moaned That many will realize probably only in years, which we today do not have opportunity. His feeling was a mixture of disappointment and frustration, he acknowledged. It is missing the percent that is necessary in order to be able to win such a game, or want to. The last step is missing. He has anyway the nose full of Nordderbys. “I am quite happy that the last game is on Sunday.” (AP)

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