Inherent Qualities To The Christian

Facts 6:8 and Esteban, plenty of grace and being able, made great prodigies and signals between the town. 9 Then they rose of the called synagogue of the libertos, and those of Cirene, of Alexandria, of Hair shirt and Asia, disputing with Esteban. 10 But they could not resist to the wisdom and the Spirit whereupon it spoke. 11 Then they bribed to so that they said that they had heard speak blasphemous words to him against Moiss and God. 12 and they soliviantaron to the town, to the old ones and you write to them; and attacking, they snatched to him, and they brought to him to the council. 13 and they put witnesses false that they said: This man does not stop to speak to blasphemous words against this place santo and the law; 14 because we have heard to him say that Jesus de Nazaret will destroy east place, and will change the customs that Moiss gave us. 15 Then all that were seated in the council, when fixing the eyes to him, saw their face like the face of an angel. Our Esteban brother, who was martyred by the Jews of the first century, had special qualities that step a to enumerate: He was full of grace.

He was full of being able. It made great prodigies. It signaled great. It had irresistible wisdom. The Spirit whereupon spoke, was irresistible. Its face was embellished like the one of an angel. All these qualities are not persecuted by the Christians as thing to what clinging but they are inherent, by nature, to all the Christians, insofar as we deepen ourselves in the love of Christ, its knowledge and the practice of its ministry. We cannot say that they are gratuitous and the price that we must pay she is the one of an exclusive dedication to the cause of God in Christ Jesus.

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