The right first move belongs to the player left of the dealer. In subsequent cases, the first player to act is the participant who took the previous trick. At card, be sure to put a map of the same suit, and when lack thereof – to dump any card. nt LLC has plenty of information regarding this issue. For every bribe the player is charged 2 points. The first circle is called the "do not take bribes." The total number of tricks is 8, and therefore the total amount of penalty points is 16. After drawing and writing score card lets a player who sits left of the previous dealer. The second round of the game is called "not to take the boys" (ie, Jack). And the players receive 4 penalty points for each jack in bribes.

Third round called "do not take girls" (ie, ladies). For every woman in bribes to the player awarded four penalty points. The fourth round of the game is called "do not take the worms." And the players charged with 2 penalty points for each card suit which he took in bribes. In the fourth round (do not take the worms) player who, at the hands of the card is not suit, must walk with some of them. Since worms can walk only in the absence of the other cards suit. For the fourth follows fifth round of the game, during which one can not take the last two bribes. For each of the commitments of the last two tricks to the player is charged with 8 penalty points.

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