Lease Format

General recommendations for creating a Lease contract, including a Lease format that complies with all recommendations. Recommendations for Lease Format The residential lease is a very important legal document that today is needed to defend your property rights and / or use of a building. Every lease should have some information for the protection of the parties involved, especially for the owner of the property that is who is most at risk. There are many forms of lease available on the Internet, but we want to make some general recommendations about the format of leases to verify you decide to use. What format must include the lease? Make sure the format you use lease includes at least the following information: Name and general information about the owner or person with legal authority to lease the property (lessor). Name (s) and general data (s) of person (s) that will live in the property (lessee). Location and description of the property to lease.

The object or purpose of the contract (given to lease the property) The amount that the tenant is going off to the landlord as rent. If there is an additional maintenance fee is advisable to put in the contract. It is also recommended to determine the penalty if the tenant does not pay on time. Contract term (six months, one year, five years, etc.).. The details of the deposit, the amount and conditions to return it to the tenant to terminate the contract. The responsibilities of landlord and tenant regarding the maintenance of the property. The causes of termination of contract, ie cases where one party to the contract would violate the degree to terminate (ie, not paying rent in two months, introducing people, animals or objects are not allowed in the building, give improper use, death, etc..).

It is also important to include the terms of termination contract, determine whether there is any penalty or legal implications. The conditions and procedure for renewal. The use rights of the lessor during the term of the contract (going to be able to enter the property or not, will be of use in any situation, etc.).. The way to resolve a legal dispute between the landlord and the tenant, ie who will pay legal fees in that jurisdiction (place) is to carry out the dispute and low civil code. Is it advisable to use attachments in the Lease format? As a general recommendation itself, we suggest using to validate the information annexes of the contract. You can include attachments such as copies of IDs of the parties concerned, appendix of the deed to the property as a guarantee that if you apply or any other document to the contract can serve to validate the information there. “Lease Format suggesting works in all cases? Each case is different and something that is very important to include in a contract lease may not be as important to include it in another, the 12 general recommendations that we make and that are included in the Lease format below will can help better protect your rights as a landlord or tenant. It is important that the Lease format includes all these variables, otherwise we recommend you include them. Remember that these are merely recommendations to give you a general guide, it is safest to consult a lawyer to help you make a contract for you.

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