Tula Property Prices

Since autumn 2007, the cost of apartments in the Tula region is moving steadily upward, and this is due, primarily, with an increase in demand for property. Although there are a number of real estate operations decreased somewhat. Causes can be many: the rumors of an impending default and ruble denomination, change the country's leader, raising the refinancing rate and inflation, but first and foremost is to increase the property value. Since the real estate market in Tula recently started to develop, make predictions very difficult. Under assumptions of Realtors, apartment prices in the Tula region during 2008 were to increase by 15-20%. In fact, this jump has occurred only the first 3 months of this year. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nobel Laureate in Economics on most websites.

However, , apartments on the floors of the extreme and non-prestigious areas, prices have not significantly increased. It depends on what the specific purpose of pursuing a buyer, because secondary housing market – it is often just sharing apartments with a view to increase or decrease the square meter. Buy real estate in the Tula region in the secondary market can be for 1,5 – 1,75 mln. But housing in good areas, with improved layout, the average floors are in high demand, and consequently their price is much higher. And the most expensive apartments in Tula – a new residential complexes. Price per square meter in a new Tula is 60 thousand rubles.

Tula Real Estate Agencies such difference in prices attributed to many factors: the repair, the availability of telephone, the location of the apartment. Commercial real estate in the Tula region develops more relaxed than the housing market, but nevertheless fairly rapidly. The same expected price growth and a lack of commercial and industrial facilities. Due to the increase in housing prices, the cost of rent in Tula as increases. For example, rent in Tula commercial real estate since 2008 increased by 20%. Analysts suggest that by the end of 2008 real estate market is gradually stops. Big jump in prices is not expected, as well as their fall. For those wishing to sell real estate in Tula, the experts advised to wait until a stable situation on the market.

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