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Recently, the demand for real estate has intensified, gradually increasing the number of sales transactions, however, experience shows that such an excessive demand is difficult to call. After the first signs of the crisis and stabilize the market as a result of a gradual increase in demand, the majority of the roaring real estate felt that prices have reached bottom, and continue to be in the waiting does not make sense. What will occur in the real estate market in the near future? Most likely, the capital of the housing market is waiting for a small, but perfectly smooth predictable price rise. Real mortgage rates at the moment ranged from 11 to 14 percent per annum, it is certainly higher than prices in the market. With these realities to seek financial benefits of investing in residential property using a mortgage during the early exit crisis and normalization of the financial situation in general is not the best solution. Needless to note that this statement does not apply to those who choose to purchase their first home. For this category of customers while purchase just arrived. But how to choose one of the many offers unique and appropriate for that category of citizens? Correct not to follow a third-party expertise in obtaining mortgages, and receive professional advice and use the services of a credit broker.

The main objective of the loan broker is to assist in obtaining a loan. But there is a minor unimportant tasks such as choosing the most suitable mortgage program on multiple criteria. With this approach, the benefits of obtaining a mortgage, compared with a direct appeal to the bank are obvious. While the bank is limited to their own capabilities, a mortgage broker is limited choice of dozens of mortgage banks, which, consequently, increases the range of existing proposals and to his client..

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