Munich Balcony

When a reduction of in rent is justifi ed who lives in a big city, comes with pigeons in contact willy-nilly. The landlord not automatically the responsibility, if, for example, the balcony is regularly polluted by Pigeon droppings. The real estate site reports on a judgment of the District Court of Munich. In this case a tenant had applied a reduction of in rent for their apartment on the second floor of an apartment building built around 1950, because she felt significantly bothered by pigeons and could use their basement due to the prevailing moisture not in its entirety. While the balcony had to be cleaned and free of pigeon droppings, moldy several items in the basement. The Court saw but no shortage of rental in the flight of the Dove.

Such an assessment would only question if the landlord had to bear the responsibility for the attack, such as a special design of facades or feeding the animals. The pigeons fly for example, from an opposite tree on the balcony, landlord for not to the responsibility can be drawn. Furthermore, was in houses that have originated shortly after the second world war, to be reckoned with damp cellars. Finally had to be built at that time with limited means, what may be assumed according to the Court than is commonly known. Therefore, the tenant would have to store advance otherwise their items.

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