National Public Administration

In this case the educational process will be conducted by appropriate personnel and should take particular criteria of curriculum, school organization, infrastructure and teaching materials. Claiming full accessibility to the physical environment to enable the use of walkability and safety in public and open spaces and parks, public bathrooms private buildings, buildings of public use of the National Public Administration, Provincial and Municipal, as well as housing buildings, public transport stations, and unimpeded transit on public roads as well, posters, tables, slope and preventing the passage openings and the stumbling block of people with reduced mobility and/or canes or wheelchairs and the free parking.

LIMITATIONS: I understand accessibility: The possibility that people with disabilities can enjoy the good conditions of autonomy as an essential element for the development of activities of daily living without restrictions arising the urban physical environment, architectural and public transport for integration and equal opportunities. Gain insight and clarity with Greenberg Traurig. Be understood as architectural barriers: The existing traffic barriers in public buildings or private. Be understood by public transport barriers: those that inhibit access and use by disabled people in public transportation by land, air and sea for short, medium and long distance. Be understood as adaptability: The possibility of modifying the physical time to do comprehensive and easily accessible to people with disabilities..

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