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LTE (4 G long term evolution) Turbo Internet without DSL is the new broadband technology in Germany and the quick successor to UMTS/HSDPA. DSL is now available in many areas and ensures a speedy Internet connection in many households. The Federal Government in conjunction with the Federal Network Agency issued quotas to ensure the widespread availability of DSL in all Germany. These individually applicable for each federal land policies are currently only partially met. In rural areas there is often only an insufficient supply of DSL. With the new LTE technology, already used by some large party especially in rural areas, access to the Internet via radio is possible. In recent months, Gateless has been very successful. LTE stands for long term evolution is and means nothing more than the access to the World Wide Web via radio with a USB-stick or LTE router. The necessary equipment is available in shops of the operators or even over the Internet.

The connection itself is about Broadcast stations, which have a range between five and ten kilometers. This technique was until recently, especially in rural regions, because the network expansion of DSL slow going. Meanwhile, there is the possibility to conclude a contract for the use of LTE but also in some German cities. As it is, you can enjoy this fast Internet connection without having to spend vast sums of money for other users. In May 2011, one station at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin commissioned was taken, which simulates the operation of LTE technology in the city. This form of the fast Internet in continuous operation can be found in other European countries.

Sweden and Norway take a leadership role here. The advantage compared to the traditional DSL connection is clearly in the speed. So, download rates ranging from 3.6 up to 50 Mbit/s are possible. Upload average is 10 Mbit / s, the volume of available data depends on the contract. Especially for the use of the mobile Internet, this brings a huge increase in the transmission capacity. LTE technology is also immediately available, resulting in the decisive advantage particularly in areas without DSL. Also with regard to the health objections, there is complacency because the rays of the International Commission on radiological protection ICNIRP limits. Only for users with heart pacemakers, a minimum distance to the terminal equipment of at least 25 centimetres is recommended to prevent any hazards. LTE technology is not least superior because of the network transmission speed DSL connections. The prices can keep up with a traditional contract. In particular areas without adequate DSL supply to can benefit from modern technology. So, nothing in the way is a nationwide Internet services in all over Germany!

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