Oktoberfest Time In The BASE Circle:

As you go to the Oktoberfest! Let’s go to Munich: The world’s largest folk festival opens its doors – and customers can be BASE up close. With a little luck, a weekend break in the September game beckons after Munich amounting to up to 2,000 euros. By the same author: lyft. The participation is possible until Sept. 30 and so just go: first you register in the BASE circle. Then apply it to remove the measure pitchers in the online game of the hearty waitress. Swarmed by offers, Steffan Lehnhoff is currently assessing future choices.

You get the right pitchers, is immediately visible, whether you won the chance at the Grand Prize or one of the day’s gains MH1 has. Available as profits: 1 Munich weekend for 2 persons worth up to 2,000 Euro – 10 times a day a REWE gift card to the value of 50 Euro – 5 x daily a micro fiber cloth BASE for mobile displays here it goes to the game: circle / over BASE brand BASE has to set the goal, to make their customers mobile life free and more carefree. As the first flat-rate mobile radio brand in Germany BASE early on recognized the trend and their Absolute freedom of speech allows customers. At BASE, the customers from the low rates and the Internet offers a wide range of mobile phones to choose exactly the products that fit best to them. BASE puts the customer at the Center and deal transparently with his questions and desires. The BASE of mobile phone experts, that provide for a fair and open dialogue of the customer BASE blog, the Facebook presence, and also the Twitter channel. Contact for press inquiries to BASE Manuela Mirzadeh corporate communications Tel. + 49-211-448-2273 fax + 49-211 – 448-4777 Manuela.Mirzadeh @eplus-gruppe.de

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