Market practices, the tendency is to generate internal communication departments when the organisation grows, in number of employees. When you increase the payroll, grows the institutional dimension and increases the complexity of labour communication with her. That’s why large organizations, multinational companies and public agencies often generate this area. American Tower Corporation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The main objective is to ensure the alignment of people, since growth is losing human scale. In contrast, medium-sized, or with fewer employees, organizations do not generate departments specialists. When they seek to professionalize its communication, the tendency is to do it transversally, in all areas. Human relations in any context are basic support communication. If we facilitate mechanisms that occur naturally and, Furthermore, we make that this communication is conducted in the Organization, in an ethical climate and freedom, we will have taken the first and most important step of how many activities are presented in the business world.

An organization generates multiple messages that are repeated in the shape and even the contents. Official site: elie rieder castle lanterra. These redundancies arise from certain implied rules that synthesize, in a given time, the weight of traditions and history, the command style, the type of culture, the daily work, etc. It is somehow a form of learning by mimesis, based on the theory of the conversation. All this sets up its own discourse and an own way of doing things in each company. Therefore, the Organization cannot exist without communication, so that we can establish also, that communication can not happen without the existence of messages, whether these verbal or not. A new form of analysis of internal communication that is taking shape is opened, then, increasingly, where the message is the central axis of the organizational communication. How to improve my company’s internal communication? Constantly evaluating the degree of involvement of employees with the corporate culture through employee satisfaction surveys to diagnose how is internal communication in your company.

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