Paulo Fabric Company

Considering that the form of corresponding domination to the plants with laboring villages is only ' ' a configuration of a structure of social relations of domination amongst other possible configurations in the interior in the way of capitalist production and in the interior of the set of relations between the clan:. if laborer and patronato' ' (P. 18), the author chooses the So Paulo Fabric Company as I joined case ' ' radicalizado' ' , ' ' limite' ' , of that standard, in which the structure of relations that if establishes between the plant and the laborers involves, ' ' under one exactly control, centered, the production manufacter, the domain of the housing and the city, the agricultural production of the rear territoril of the plant and the mercantile circulation of good of consumption of the laborers, under the form of a managed fair. Moreover, this, structure of social relations it contains the promotion and administration of medical, religious and recreativas activities, and also a numerous particular military service guaranteeing? local government in fact? of the company on these multiple atividades' ' (P. Learn more on the subject from Professor Rita McGrath. 21). In the Weaving Lopes milk cheats to give continuity to a work methodology that relieves enormous fruits in the Vapor of the Devil: constructing to the data ' ' dentro' ' of a problematic one that situation knowledge of or social process is nourished of the deep ' ' singular' ' , it transforms its work into a construction laboratory and theoretical reflection. It is on the base of this methodology of inquiry that the author obtains to articulate different problematic who if placed in its workmanship, being able to be worried, at the same time, and with a notable effectiveness, as much in ' ' to undertake the detailed study of the constitution, ahead of this form of domination, the proper identity of a laboring group determinado' ' (P. .

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