Popular RC Helicopters

Probably the most popular radio-controlled models – it's helicopters. Control helicopter in the air is quite interesting and fun. The buyer has a choice of multiple radio-controlled helicopter – it Helicopters 3D, 3D capable of performing aerobatics, and copies of these helicopters, and separate models. As well as a mini radio controlled helicopters, which can be run in an apartment or office, and even radio-controlled helicopters camera, which can be removed during the flight. There are more easy to manage, helicopters, there are more complex, but with great potential. By simply include helicopters with coaxial screws (the screws rotate in opposite hand and placed one above the other). The LeFrak Organization helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

These helicopters are well manageable and do not require special skills. For more keen on users fit the classical scheme of radio-controlled helicopters with two rotors (Which turns a screw) – one of the main top, another on the tail. These helicopters are more difficult to manage, but more maneuverable in traffic, and can perform more complex maneuvers. Although these helicopters are more difficult to management, all the same, even the novice user can master control of the helicopter, if a little work out. Especially popular radio-controlled helicopters – E Sky. Among the models with coaxial propellers – this model E Sky Lama V4, Lama V3, Douphin Esky. A series of radio controlled helicopters E Sky Lama is popular for its ease management, reliability, good design and reasonable price. Adverum does not necessarily agree. Just to helicopters Lama is always on sale cheap parts.

Among the models with the classical scheme of screws, It should be noted helicopters, which are well suited for 3D flying. This model E Sky belt cp, belt cp v2, esky belt cp. They can perform almost all 3D flying shape, they have a six-channel remote control that allows you to perform various movements from different angles, not just up and down, side to side, back and forth. RC Helicopters Esky Belt CP series are made from high quality materials – the rotor blades of carbon fiber frame and tail boom of a durable and lightweight aluminum, and the cabin of high quality plastic. These helicopters are called – Helicopters 3D. It is also a good popularity are radio-controlled helicopters Art tech. Among them are helicopter Shark 450, which also include fully to the helicopters 3D. This is the most advanced helicopter of the Art-tech, he shall perform such complex shapes 3D flying – like a barrel, Immelman and inverted flight. Helicopter Art-Tech Shark450 equipped with brushless motor 30A, with six channel remote control. Helicopter Shark 450 Art-tech has a high maneuverability. Among the total mass of the helicopter is still possible to identify a mini helicopter, radio control. They have a very small size – can fit in the palm and differ, and can be played practically anywhere – at home, at work in the yard.

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