The Portal of Nod rang several blows on the portal, as if they were a rattling of knuckles, without a doubt, someone wanted to draw my attention, initially took me by surprise, who would want to tell me something at this hour? and by the way, what time and day belonged? Before answering, my eyes came to rest on the front of the portal, that were those letters which were grouped together forming a round? you were trying to tell me by turning, and turning? Do you not know it? He told me a voice, sounding inside me, those letters are the key to enter the portal, his message is simple and straightforward, you must just let that be sorted and are expressed, which I do I said to myself, trying to respond to the voice that sounded inside me, let yourself go, the voice replied. The portal expanded its dimension and the letters ordered forming various phrases, some, frankly, not I reached to retain, because new words made me forget about the above, please, stop once, I expressed, not can I retain the sense of the phrases, okay, okay, pay attention, said the voice. If you want to participate, you are welcome, but recalls the conditions that the letters will put you, observes and listens, don’t use, your ears, or your eyes, usa the mind and the heart. The letters said: you not rijas by time, don’t limit yourself by space nor by the distance, do not let the conventional reason to intervene, don’t enter the preconception. Do if you’re willing to do this, then answer knocks on your portal, and I will be happy to formalize this invitation that I have for you, invitation?, I asked for that? who or who ask it? do I maybe know them.? In a somewhat humorous tone, the voice replied, can the left eye, not knowing to the eye that is on the right side of the same face? does or can maybe say the mouth that does not know their own language? who you have to invite you know from before that time is time, before even that were what your think you’re. .

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