Private Property

The private property of the nature and the denial to her being DEDICATION ORLANDO MAGNO project world of nature. Human beings trying to liberate themselves. as beings belonging to living organisms of human nature. They forgot that nature and human, form what is called the unit. Then believing to be wise they became fools. Vanity, avarice and luxury. It corrupted the bowels and categorical foundations of blood as the body.

Of the spirit as essence, of being as part of nature on Earth. Finally the excuses needed a physical support, which although wretched, miserable and cowardly. It would finally give them the reason. Therefore devised the way most appropriate to remove him to everyone theirs. To conquer the supposed glory of their hearts, they wished to divest not only the man of their primitive nature, but they also became idolatrous of economic systems and those who are responsible for the submission. The vos of injustice cry at the four winds private property. The legal reasons supported everything else. Crime, corruption, famine, war, pestilence and death of many.

When the man and his murderous appetite Avain and madness encroachment in the soul of men. Two new enemies, were devised since the cups should be consecrated to the blood. Those who? The nature of the Earth and every living animal. Thus the first beauty of the Earth according to the stupidity of men, not compared with the second. Because the latter showed outward, never inward. He shone more, because all admired it. The artificial and needs grew infinitely. Therefore there is no place to land. There is no place for animals. We ask the following. When invaded the small Territories which we have left the animals, we do not break the private property of the same? Have do to if not we formed a farce that we call human rights and that States of the earth do not respect? Do if there is something called human rights, there should be no other code that says the rights of nature? There should something that is called the rights of animals be? It is that States hit, kill and imprison those who are against abortion, of the destruction of nature, and the murder of animals not true? We say that animals do not have right to their private property, because they do not speak, they don’t think, they do not reason? Is not doubly miserable man when making use of reason, commits any act of uncleanliness and inferiority against nature and animals? I can assure you that 70% of epidemics, diseases and pollution. It has been the consequence generated destroy vile and evil-mind the natural ecosystems of the Earth. Ye are so foolish that you have forgotten the harmony of which I speak Leibniz.

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