Public Performance

Fear of public performances – a sleek statement was given property rights to experience stage fright people, or simply fear of other people. Let's talk to start about fears in general, where they come from. Because children are not born shy, it comes later. Because of the environment in which the child grew up, such as from excessive parental care. But that's not so important that the children can grow timid timid adults, although this is not a diagnosis, or rather is not a definitive diagnosis. So, fear … Click Mike Miedler for additional related pages.

In general, fear is a very interesting beast. Can be associated with anything – it could be and how the fear of public speaking, and as a result of trauma, and our fear of being rejected by the opposite sex, and the fear of open (self-doubt), and the fear of mistakes, etc. .. Since no clear line drawn between them is impossible (so it is impossible to find once and only true prescription against fear), then call it a fear society. But at the same time describe.

Fear of society, it is the fear that someone, somehow will make you ill, to some situations. This reaction occurs only in a social environment, that is, people rarely afraid that it will drop a log in the woods when he was alone. Fear of public appearances … Few fears that the audience will be inadequate or ill, most people are afraid of what will look "bad", that is, I Suddenly, I forget what to say, I fall, I'll look ridiculous and absurd.

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