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Look for prospective addresses Brno – one of the most promising cities in terms of investing in buying an apartment as an investment should always take into account the geographical factor. A simple example: in 2005 in Ostrava you could buy an apartment for ridiculous by today's money – about half a million crowns (20,000 euros), today it can be sold as early as three times more expensive – a half million crowns (60,000 euros). In Liberec and Olomouc apartments in the same period rose two-fold. Now about that kind of return can only dream of. By the most optimistic forecasts in 2008 residential real estate in the Czech Republic could grow by a maximum of 20 percent, moreover, is not everywhere and not all. As know where and when and, more importantly, what to buy? About it – below. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit expert on growth strategy.

In the provinces, prices are rising faster Buying initially presents a risk, given the possible inflation prospects market saturation and the subsequent stagnation of prices, as well as a number of other factors. "If the prospective return on investments in real estate does not exceed 7 per cent – there are other tools to make money" – explains this idea Patria Finance analyst David Marek. So, where will be more expensive housing in the coming years? As suggested by experts from the real estate companies and economists working in this area, which surveyed the authoritative Czech edition of the Economic Hospodaske noviny, apartments will go up in cities, looking for investors with enough jobs. John Savignano: the source for more info.

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