Rent Apartments

Before you go to a meeting with a potential landlord, as in the movie became very famous era of the Soviet Union, "a look at yourself from a different angle of." Rent kiev quite a risky business. What may seem to you the owner of a dangerous? When you have a cat or soba-ka, immediately tell the owners of the apartment. Well in advance is to learn how to relate to small landlords are friends of this person. Chance that you will start with a dog in a decent furnished apartment is close to zero. Try to rent an apartment without any furniture. In this case, the owners of the apartment tolerant of people with whom you want to live.

When the housing rent from furniture and apartment owners are adamant and stand on his own, the animal can always be hide, trying to make the neighbors on the stairwell did not see it. Prepare yourself for the fact that all but the times when the owner will be come to get the money, the favorite will have to divert to a walk. Or try to agree on is that you will personally bring the money masters. If you have a child and this child is older than six years, you lucky enough. Tell the owners about it, take it with you to meet with the owner of the apartment.

Let your child will be polite, and very humble. Children – the color of life. Children can work wonders. It is possible that precisely because of the charming child you will be able to rent an apartment a little cheaper, and the hosts will treat you might loyal. When a child younger than six years, owners will need to assure the strictly about what drawing on the wallpaper, he shall in no case will not, because accustomed. Promise in the case of such incident to make a little redecorating. Otherwise, if you are completely satisfied with the hosts, then most likely you will meet. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. Rent apartments in Kiev is assumed to be reciprocal concessions by both sides. When you live alone or one, ask to accompany you at the meeting. Family PA-frame for rent housing more readily, and lonely ignored, considering that they spend violent party (to find a partner) and behave immorally and shamelessly. Ask your brother or a friend / sister, friend – let them pray thee temporarily in the role of your husband or wife. On the issue of formal marriage is that he has already in preparation. What would you have not asked, you must understand one fact. Neither the owner of the apartment will not be seriously interested in the lives of you and your wife, your plans to marry his lights, it is important to know that his apartment will be in order. Promise him that everything will be in perfect order and no incidents will not happen.

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