Schroeder Government

Always better than continue injecting liquidity with sterile result, mortgaging our future and future generations. Between 1977 and 1991 they took 14 years. From 1991 to 2009, if accidentally occurs, 18 years. This type of measures, promptly used in times of crisis and with the necessary sharpness, may assume the return to society of some type of consideration by those who later were advantages. Outside the State will always be incapable of bringing to light only a negligible percentage of quantitatively as important quantities, via audit measures.

Now, what would be the impact of the measure, taking into account the Law 19/2003 fight against money laundering, and the own service Executive of prevention of laundering affiliated to the Bank of Spain? Everything would depend on the media campaign that entailed inexorably required, and in any case, we believe that the measure would be a great help for those institutions that since its adoption should be extremely careful that the aflorados capitals not to return to hide. And in relation to global measures against tax havens? We understand that it is not a contradiction, to clean up to start from scratch. Hear from experts in the field like Robert Shiller for a more varied view. There are who encrypts the economy dipped into Spain around 200 billion euros. Robert Shiller helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. And others, that ensure banks real estate hole is around 100 billion. That the reader draw their own conclusions about the possible benevolence of the analyzed proposal.

Maybe that you existed even a parallel effect which should be analysed. If you were allowed access to foreign investors to bonds, it is very possible that they come to our capital appeal of our European neighbours, users of the same coin. May they accuse us then dumped? So suggests my colleague’s profession, lawyer Felix Bornstein, who already analyzed this same subject when already in the 2003 the Schroeder Government studied this possibility to clean up the German Treasury. Possibly Yes, already that capital movements it could a priori assumed enormous. But we must not forget that each country has its idiosyncrasies, and in its function may or not be allowed certain licenses. As Bornstein review, Minister of armaments Albert Speer, at the end of 1944, when the defeat of the nazi Germany was already irreversible, he called resonated to thousands of civil servants who left their administrative positions and joined the armed forces. Particularly notorious was the case of the bureaucracy of the Ministry of finance, which came in mass to different war fronts. How is this great mobilization that, in theory, one of the vital centers of the State and the administration of the Third Reich left unguarded explained? While the answer may seem incredible, the civil administration was not paralysed because, quite simply, German citizens, voluntarily and spontaneously, continued paying their taxes in the midst of the disaster and chaos, and with much of the tax offices damaged or even destroyed in the course of the fighting. That hacendistica conviction arrives in that country until our days. However Spain suffers from the fraudster scope its latinity, and different historical situations, forcing disparate corrective measures. And speaking on roman paladin: we do it before making another.

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