Sight Job Change

You have the termination in sight. You prior to a change of job. However, should adopt only the old employer… Contact information is here: Redfin. You have the termination in sight. You prior to a change of job. You are excited about the new job, new colleagues, new work.

However, should adopt only the old employer: here are a few tips about the termination process, and to successfully survive the last working days. Notify the Chief prior to submitting the notice, you should have a written commitment of the new employee in the hand. Often is the commitment verbally and on the basis of trust, however, does not harm a written commitment and confirms the feeling of security! If you notify the boss, you should briefly explain the reasons and speak more positively by the new agent and constructively, as to emphasize the negative aspects of the old. It is very important that you comply with the notice. Best ask your employer for a duplicate of your termination. How you discuss with your boss, how internal and externally to express the message of your termination. After you have notified colleagues notify colleagues, set about to organize a departure.

This is a nice thing, where you can take this opportunity to thank them for their cooperation. Not recommended would be inconsiderate about chat transfer single colleague or the boss when the boss of your termination will be out, he will think alike on the passing of your previous activities. Prepare the documents for the successor and bring them to stand. Probably means your departure for the colleagues initially more work, which take over should be. Best show cooperative and helpful, so your colleagues keep a good memory of you. After the work certificate, ask work certificate may be today a “simple witness” as well as a “qualified certificate” (description of your task area, review your performance). Today, it often happens that the employee is a design prepare for the own work certificate. The boss often has no time (and don’t want) to deal with. You also therefore have the advantage to have influence on the certificate. After you are have care break all things of your walking away, think about to take a few days holiday at the very end of the employment relationship. At the end of an employment contract, there is the possibility to take the leave or pay it off normally. It may be a good idea to be able to say goodbye in the tranquility of the old, and to look forward. Be can imagine the challenges that you expect in the new job, with relaxation and with full force.

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