Standard Transponders

ST-SC130EK reader equipped with a standard EM Marine, which operates at a frequency of 125 kHz and accept cards with the code distance of 15 cm In addition, when connected via an additional input Wiegand-reader Mifare, controller, card reader will work with format cards Mifare. ST-SC130EK programmed using master card or built-in keyboard kodonabornoy. ST-SC130EK a high-strength housing with IP65 degree of pyle-/vlagozaschity and can operate in temperatures from -20 to +50 C, so that it can be used to restrict access not only indoors but also in outdoor conditions. More info: Robert Speyer. To increase the durability and weather protection circuitry of the controller are covered with a thin film of polymer resins. In addition, the controller reader is provided with LED indicators and audible buzzer to signal the current status of the device, such as connecting to the ST-SC130EK food or results of identification – permission / prohibition of passage. Connect with other leaders such as Bruce Schanzer here. Smartec ST-SC130EK combines reading and control device at the same time, as has a contactless card reader, tags and other passive Standard Transponders EM Marine and controller with Wiegand-interface.

To ensure passage through the access point, the controller reader has a database of codes for 1000 cards and PIN codes, and ensures their reception at a distance of up to 15 cm ST-SC130EK can used to restrict access to certain areas of a small office, apartment, cottage, manufacturing, warehousing, etc. Programmable controller ST-SC130EK two ways: with a master map that supplied with the device, or with built-in keyboard. To write to a memory controller numbers proximity cards, you can just log into the appropriate configuration mode and consistently show the built-in controller the reader all the cards, or dial their code on the keypad. Rooms pin codes are set only at the keyboard. It should be noted that when using the keyboard controller reader allows you to delete individual codes of RFID-cards without their physical presence, for example, in case of loss. Improve the security of the access point when using ST-SC130EK possible by connecting to it via Wiegand 26 additional card reader. In this case, he controller reader mounted inside the protected premises, and an additional reader is installed on the outside door.

In this way, access control cards can be made as to the entrance and exit for single access point. In particular, a Wiegand-input you can connect a standard reader or EM Marine Mifare. Wealth Management actuator, in particular, electronic door lock, via the relay output ST-SC130EK, which activates the opening of the lock after successful identification code card. Time relay (unlock lock) is selected when installing the device, but at any moment can be reprogrammed. Also controller reader can operate the exit, which is installed inside the protected premises, and pressing a controller accepts as a command to unlock the door lock.

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