Starting Points For The Addiction And Violence Prevention

Only glow above – then slamming? Hamburg/Hanover, 10 05, 2011. Not only the recent incidents in Berlin, also recent studies prove the close connection between alcohol-induced disinhibition and serious personal injury. Then three of the ten serious offences of violence under the influence of alcohol are committed. Prologis Inc. is open to suggestions. In their current Conference, the landing site goes parental Lower Saxony between alcohol and violence among young people on the ground. These new findings and prevention strategies are at the Centre. Violence and alcohol often have the same background. Often unsolved development tasks in adolescence are a trigger”, says Andrea Buskotte, spokesperson for violence prevention at the LJS.

With the Conference we want to illuminate, as against this background of addiction and violence prevention can be connected.” At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Wolfgang Heckmann will present new research findings on the link between alcohol and youth violence by the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal. Prof. Dr. Klaus choice Munich lectures in the connection about causes and risk factors of aggressive behaviour and alcohol abuse. In addition, Dr.

Michael Berner of the University Hospital Freiburg presents the effects of alcohol consumption from medical psychiatric point of view. In the second half of the day, the Conference participants in workshops deal with prevention possibilities. This includes the gender-specific response of young people. “Girls often use alcohol, to demonstrate their ideas of femininity and the requirements related to deal with, while boys are downright courage” to deal with uncertainty “, as Manzi Schlieckau, consultant for addiction at of LJS. More workshops focus on the targeted addiction and violence prevention in communities and schools. An example of a security partnership”between city and Hanover Police Division will be discussed the opportunities and limits of alcohol prevention in the public space. We would pleased about a report on the meeting. The Conference program can be found here. Like, we invite you to our event and are available for questions and interview requests to available. “Symposium of LJS alcohol and violence” on May 25, 2011, in the Academy of sport, Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke-WEG 10, 30169 Hannover, start: 10:00, end: 16:30. Contact: Andrea Buskotte, country place parental Lower Saxony, Keerthi Raghavan Road 26, 30175 Hannover, Tel. 0511-85 87 88,

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