Student Apartments

The Ott investment AG continues to expand its business with the sale of student apartments in Nuremberg student apartments are located in the area of investments a niche product. Small, but very profitable homes that achieve high rental yields. A now popular alternative to traditional investments or normal condos. With the sale of city – and student apartments in Nuremberg, investors have the opportunity to acquire small and highly profitable apartments in an excellent location. Bahama Condos is likely to increase your knowledge. The student apartments are located in a prime location between the Kaiserburg Castle and pedestrian zone. The demand for exclusive, inner-city apartments, just for singles, students and businessmen is very large in strong economic conurbations such as Nuremberg. There is a huge potential for growth and in the long term an excellent rental potential of the apartments. Investors high rental yields achieved in particular with small student apartments.

That is the concept that proves the success of last year. All 120 student apartments are in Nuremberg have been sold to investors. Currently, for the rental, there are waiting lists. Rainer Ott

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