TBE: Beware Biting Ticks!

Nature new life awakens every year in the spring. Despite the still very low temperatures, experts discovered already back large populations of biting Spinnentiers. Especially in southern of Germany and in the Eiffel we must be careful, as the beasts in the jargon called before the Ixodida. Because they can infect us with two very dangerous diseases, if they catch us. Whereas to protect ourselves the tick-borne meningoencephalitis, short TBE, against one of a preventive vaccine, this is not possible against the so-called Lyme disease. Lyme disease, so the Lyme disease also called, is an infectious disease that can affect the muscles, nervous system, joints, but also the internal organs. It is transmitted by the Borrelia burgdorferi, a certain type of bacteria. The problem, however, is not the infection itself, but that it is often not immediately noticed.

So the pathogen can spread almost unchecked in the body. After infection, the body begins Antibodies to the germ to make, without that show up at the same time compulsory disease symptoms. This is not enough and the infection is noticed in time and treated, it can come to a pathogen persistence. The pathogen is not opposed by the body, the disease becomes chronic. In General, Lyme disease due to serious symptoms that worsen further over the years manifests itself. In the early phase it comes to flu-like symptoms, as joint and muscle pain, but no cough and runny nose. Chronic diseases of the sense organs, the muscles or joints can occur later.

The tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), however, is caused by viruses and manifests itself mainly by high fever, chills and body aches. A subset of patients suffering from beyond the very dangerous circumstances inflammation of the meninges, the actual meningoencephalitis. The meningoencephalitis progresses further, so it may be to consciousness, Cause paralysis or coma. The vast majority of the disease heals, from assuming a timely treatment, without consequences. Ten to thirty percent of patients remain but neurological disorders of different magnitude. It is hot so be careful. Walks in the forest not to abandon, you should note two things. First ideally regularly against TBE vaccinated. So the body can form antibodies to the virus and to protect themselves against infection. The proper place for this is the own family doctor. Secondly the walk clothing and body thoroughly for adherent ticks search and carefully and promptly remove them. One doesn’t dare to this, the doctor helps also here certainly very much.

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