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When the reality shows that the decision of buying a home, potential buyers take into account many more factors when choosing your future property. In this way, the greatest progress we have seen in the different real estate portals of our country have focused on better sell the home itself, through a more complete information or maybe just more showy of the property itself: downloadable drawings, memories of qualities, surfaces broken down per stay have gone from artistic perspectives perspectives 3D photorealistic when not directly to pictures of the pilots. Cushman & Wakefield shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And we are also seeing virtual flights of urbanization, virtual visits to the different types of housing throughout a very expensive deployment of means that, ultimately, never replaces the classroom itself, visit given that nobody takes a decision of this magnitude directly on-line purchase without having previously been on the ground. The value of the environment but back again to the commented misconception two paragraphs back. Real estate portals focus on information that give the home itself, neglecting fundamental aspects such as those of the environment. It is a perspective of a vision of manufacturer: who manufactures a product is often feel so proud of your own product which believes that only with highlight its multiple virtues should be enough to convince potential customers of their benefits. However, this perspective forget that people buy products or services based on profits, whether tangible or intangible, that we hope that these products or services we provide.

I.e., we do not buy the technical characteristics of the products, but by the benefits or value that these products will bring. In the case of the purchase of a home, it is important know whether it is a townhouse or an apartment, if we buy a chalet or we will comply with a floor. But it is no less important to know how they will be our neighbors, how I can move at my place of work or, if I have children in school age, among which schools I can choose to take them.

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