The Greenest Card Is Black!

Utopia and the GLS Bank offer a new credit card at Munich, July 30, 2009. Many have lost confidence in banks due to the global financial crisis. Now,, the leading Internet platform for strategic consumer offers a real alternative, along with the GLS-Bank: the black utopia – card, which \”green\” deep throbs in her heart. Because 30% of credit card earnings receives the action \”Plant for the Planet\”. And she plant trees for a better climate around the world.

But so not enough: The utopia credit card can be requested online without an account or bank draft in a few seconds. For more clarity and thought, follow up with kevin oleary and gain more knowledge.. Also, it is not only a means of payment, but at the same time a commitment to strategic consumption. Who buys that indirectly says: I buy not at the expense of the climate, or at the expense of others. I consume strategically, by I make sure how something is made!\” As the utopia credit card is classy and stylishly made, it has the potential to be a green status icon. And the more buyers send the black money spare publicly use, the more people learn about the idea of strategic consumption. Adverum is likely to increase your knowledge. Green Double Pack: who would like to do even more credit card plus account, to reduce its own CO2 footprint, which can be also the Green utopia account with GLS-Bank to. Because the GLS is the first social ecological Bank in Germany and invests only in companies, as well as projects that are pioneering in environmental, social and economic terms. The facts about the utopia credit card: available and can be ordered from online on credit card after a credit check is the card within approximately seven to 14 working days by mail it is no Bank bills for necessary existing credit cards can informally be terminated. Or second card is the utopia credit card first.

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