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Regarding licenses, while the law supports can acquire any form, constitute a single act of disposition shall take effect against third parties when formalized in writing and proceed with your registration to the registry of Industrial property or Office for such registration, the assignment or license shall state in a public document. The license may be Total or partial full or limited by time-limited for a period of time the proprietor of the mark or licensor does not lose his faculties about the same. It means that when he is granted a license, the licensor is limited to the right to the exercise of prohibition against the licensee, under the conditions and scope provided for in the contract. Retains ownership of the sign and therefore the powers deriving from such right. This license of use which ultimately is what is available to the licensee has some clear limits, which are clearly derived from the terms of the contract, and who are your right in ownership, with the powers inherent in the right, that is in the hands of the holder of the sign. Licensee who enjoys is the right to use the sign, in the conditions and with the expected scope within the contract, so their powers have twice the limit, the contract, and of the rights of the proprietor. A vital issue, constitutes it the license control, from the moment that different people are using the same brand, at the same time, and to distinguish products and essentially identical services that are distributed in commercial airline identical. The essential independence of each one of the users has to materialize in different measures, in any case, to achieve a certain interconnection or relationship between Licensor and licensee. Among them is control of the licensee by the true owner of the brand control extends, to the quality, nature and characteristics d the products and services marketed. If carried out by a licensee uses is derived from error or deceit for consumers the control mechanism causes are activated Similarly, these control mechanisms, activate the guarantee of defence with success of the trademark against third parties.

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