The Ritual Of Hammam In Marrakech

The hammam, or public baths are a meeting place for the Moroccans, who regularly go to them to perform massages and baths. There are hammams for almost every district of Marrakech, both the humblest as luxurious Hivernage areas or Palmeraie, where hammams are typically located within the same hotels. There is a ritual that, though simple, is necessary before venturing into one of these places for personal hygiene, relaxation and also, why not say it, the pain. But before diving into the details necessary to make a list of essential products that we buy and without which we can not perform the traditional process. Some of these products can be purchased at the same hammam, but not all. Which could be defined as a kit survival in Marrakech Hammam consists of: A special glove peeling. They can be bought in the shops of the Medina, in typical grocery stores neighborhood (which in the end find anything) or drugstores.

You can also buy them street vendors. These seemingly innocent mittens, usually rectangular and black, which constitute the basic element of pleasure / torture of the hammam. Its price ranges from 15 to 20 dirhams. A pair of rubber slippers. To prevent slips and the spread of fungus. In any case, most hammams are in very healthy condition. A rubber mat, to put on the floor like a carpet. Some people prefer to bring a plastic stool. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert J. Shiller. Both can be found in large supermarkets, drugstores or specialty stores in plastic, very typical of Marrakech.

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