The Telephone

A good CRM (client relations management system) is an important aid. Some service providers go even one step further and offer so-called up-selling and cross-selling services. This means employees are not only trained with inquiries or service requests to go to, but get also a sales-oriented training to sell more or higher quality products the customers for such requests. More time for the core business you will not be disturbed or distracted by incoming calls, but can concentrate on your core business and work yourself stress free and above all more productive which leads to increased sales and increased performance. In customer conversations and meetings is also better aimed, if it is not interrupted by phone calls. You work more effectively and can so much economic, schedules and appointments better to be kept.

The appearance affects positively better image and professional positioning outwards on the image of the company. Quite, friendly and competent Secretaries that answer calls affect many callers and customers. Quickly this talk is, the company gets a good repute. If so, the company is on everyone’s lips, gets feed it more and more, which in turn leads to increased sales, through the telephone service. A company looks much more professional if all calls be answered competently. Many times, the appearance is brought that the company appears much larger al it actually is. Larger companies have a more professional and credible, what very often influence the buying decision.

As far as the smaller providers. But even with major providers there are deficits here. According to a study by n-tv about the quality of online shops revealed large potential for improvement also advises on the phone. In every fourth meeting the employees not clarified all questions or were unsure. Also, the staff often lacked in actively to respond to the concerns of our customers and to make content understandable.

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